Informpartner is an innovative company operating at the market of mobile solutions in Russia and CIS countries. We offer products and services in the areas of:

  • WAP-click support
  • mobile content aggregation
  • SMS-Billing and micropayments systems management
  • management of mobile operators’ portals, USSD portals, SIM-menu
  • deployment of platforms for SMS notification
  • IVR-services and call centers support
  • implementation of client services on the basis of LBS technology and geopositioning systems
  • WAP- and WEB-portals development and implementation of various Internet projects

Our team consist of ambitious, experienced and creative professionals, who are skilled at all the necessary tools and technologies to provide quality and modern services. Top management of the company, project managers, engineers and developers - all the staff is high experienced in the telecommunication sphere of high technologies, at the top IT-companies.


WAP-click is “one-click pay” affiliate program for mobile traffic, which is very convenient for users and therefore is a popular service. It also allows you to earn on Russian and foreign traffic.

All our commercial websites provide users with a real content, we do not sell useless applications and access to empty websites. The users that you led to our websites will be subscribed to the service for a long time that will bring you long-term income.

How does it work?

  • You install a script on your website that shows advertisement to users who use mobile communications to access the Internet. We provide several options of scripts to redirect traffic. You can always choose the most convenient for you.
  • We place various commercial websites in advertising depending on the topic of your site, which can be accessed by one-click pay.
  • Once a user gains access, his phone number goes into the database of a mobile operator as connected to additional service.
  • A mobile operator withdraws money from user’s mobile account after joining a service. We pay you a part of that amount.
  • New website connection takes less than a minute!
Attention! The affiliate program works strictly in accordance with rules of mobile operators. Subscriptions are made through a landing page of a mobile operator.


Informpartner offers complete outsourcing of mobile services to mobile operators. The company develops and creates mobile services, acquires the necessary equipment and integrates it into operator's network, aggregates content and provides marketing, being responsible for the sales and profitability of the network services. The company also offers a ready-made infrastructure and streamlined procedures for SMS, MMS, WAP and IVR traffic aggregation for mobile operators and aggregation of content for operator portals.

We have experience in implementing large-scale services as Ring Back Tone, STK-menu, WEB, WAP and IVR operators’ portals and aggregation of SMS traffic for CPA. By choosing Informpartner as a service provider and aggregator an operator receives:

  • focus on strategic aspects of the VAS development
  • deployment of platforms for SMS notification
  • IVR-services and call centers support
  • SMS billing, micropayments systems management


Operator’s voice portal is a relevant and useful product that creates an important competitive advantage for mobile operators: IVR portals provide additional revenue and increase subscribers’ loyalty.

Informpartner has all the necessary resources and extensive experience for creating IVR portals. We have our own IVR platform and professional audio lab equipped with the most modern equipment. We cooperate with key Russian actors, sound engineers and musicians.

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Possibilities and dangers of the Internet

The possibilities of Internet network are inexhaustible. Large connected systems are usually unstable - this pattern is valid not only for nuclear power plants but also for Interweb.

Railways were the first "coupling high-throughput" in society. Their construction took decades and allowed the economy to adjust naturally. The Internet has entered into our lives much faster, accelerated all the processes of interaction between people and simplified both accurate and false information dissemination. The society that set the technological Genie free out of the bottle cannot keep up with the changes now. There are new opportunities which we are still not ready and we risk to become victims of swindlers, viruses, trojans, etc. You must observe safety precautions and be more careful to protect yourself from virtual cheating.

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The rules for sending SMS:

  • Type the SMS message carefully as written in the description of a service. There is the computer on the other side, which just will not understand you.
  • Don't forget that the Aggregator is not responsible for erroneous payments.
  • Send SMS to the number in the description of the service only.
  • Notice the cost of SMS on the web site. If the cost of SMS dissatisfies you, do not send it.
  • If everything is done correctly after the SMS sending you would receive a reply that the operation was successfully completed. The reply usually comes in 5 minutes, but sometimes there are delays for technical reasons.
  • Be careful! As soon as you send an SMS or enter the access code, it means that you agree with all rules of website.